GM Foundation donates $2.5M to College for Creative Studies

June 29, 2011

Tweet It’s hard to argue with the fact that us Southeast Michiganders have had to overcome a lot — particularly over the last several years. Between big hurdles like the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal and an automotive industry that was practically flipped on its head, it seems like we never get enough good news. Fortunately,...
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The Detroit Foundation launches ‘Fuel Detroit’ mini-grant

June 24, 2011

Tweet The Detroit Foundation, a new nonprofit organization aiming to restore the creative spirit and passion for the city with fellow Michiganders and pro-Detroiters, has launched its inaugural granting campaign, “Fuel Detroit.” The campaign, which runs until the end of June, calls on Metro Detroiters to submit grant proposals via its website for projects...
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Tips for staying productive, happy at work this summer

June 15, 2011

Tweet Summer has officially arrived in Southeast Michigan. And while us Michiganders spend a lot of our time deciding what to wear on any given day thanks to constantly fluctuating temperatures, it can also be easy to get a little restless — and maybe even a little lazy — during the summer months. Especially...
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Hartland students graduate from Dale Carnegie Training

June 9, 2011

Tweet Many people think that Dale Carnegie Training is strictly for adults looking to propel their careers and their personal lives in a positive direction. The truth of the matter is that Dale Carnegie Training of Southeast Michigan has introduced a new program called “Generation.Next: Dale Carnegie Training for Teens,” designed to prepare young...
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Networking habits that may be harmful to your career

May 29, 2011

Tweet No one ever said networking was easy. You have to pick which events you attend carefully. You have to be on your A game while meeting a bunch of new people who could be potential clients, service providers and even friends. But are you following the “rules” of networking? If not, you could...
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Conquering the impromptu speech with Dale Carnegie Training

April 29, 2011

Tweet An article I read this morning got me thinking back to my time spent in the Dale Carnegie Course with Dale Carnegie Training of Southeast Michigan, specifically, the session about impromptu talks. I still remember it vividly to this day, and the lessons I learned still help me in my professional life. But...
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Pam Turkin of Just Baked to share secrets to success

April 27, 2011

Tweet There are many success stories related to business in Michigan, and the most exciting of those are the small businesses who have experienced success on a grand scale. Pam Turkin of Just Baked fame is one such story. Are you a motivated professional dreaming of owning your own business? Have you fantasized about...
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Social media and cloud computing: Protecting yourself from fraud

April 22, 2011

Tweet Are you the kind of person that worries about what your employees are sharing via social media and other online outlets? Do you wonder if they’re putting your company and your brand at risk? The simple answer is they’re probably not, but as a business owner, it’s your job to know what’s happening...
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Learn how to use social media in a job hunt

April 21, 2011

Tweet Popular social media blog Mashable recently named Detroit No. 94 out of 100 cities assessed for its social networking savvy. This doesn’t bode well for a region with high unemployment and an already struggling image. But Pam Perry, a social media strategist in metro Detroit, wants to help job seekers and others buck...
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Learn the proper way to write a business plan

April 15, 2011

Tweet So you’ve been thinking about starting your own business. You think you’ve really discovered a niche product or service, and you’re bursting at the seams to share it with the world. But where do you begin? Maybe you haven’t taken a single business class and you’re really not sure what owning your own...
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