Worldwide Pizza Dominator—Three Dale Carnegie Principles at Play

March 20, 2018

dominosAt Dale Carnegie Training of Southeast Michigan, we thrive on celebrating success! We therefore applaud Ann Arbor-based Domino’s Pizza Inc. on its ascent to becoming the largest pizza company in the world. For the first time ever, Domino’s global retail sales exceeded $12.2 billion in 2017 enabling the company to make more dough than the previous category king—Pizza Hut.

Here are three of Dale Carnegie’s Human Relations principles contributing to Domino’s recipe for success.

  1. Give honest, sincere appreciation. After earning the top global pizza spot, President and CEO, Patrick Doyle could’ve claimed victory for himself. Instead, he applied Dale Carnegie’s 2nd principle, ‘Give honest, sincere appreciation,’ by thanking and sharing the credit with everyone else at Domino’s. Stellar leaders don’t steal the spotlight from the people who support their success because they recognize that their employees’ best efforts are critical to their accomplishments.
  2. Throw down a challenge. Doyle was ready to scope his successors after just one year on the job—not because he didn’t enjoy the role. As a proven leader, Doyle began discussing succession planning with Domino’s board members stating in a dbusiness Magazine article entitled, ‘Rising to the Top,’ “That’s a persistent and ongoing conversation.”

 From a leadership perspective, having the foresight to identify candidates for both leading and supporting roles is critical to the long-term success of all organizations. When succession planning is not a part of corporate culture, imminent risks arise. The exit of just one strong leader of an organization can send the entire company falling down like dominoes. It is therefore essential for companies to challenge themselves to incorporate succession planning into its company-wide objectives.

  1. Make the other person feel important—and do it sincerely. Richard Allison, President of International Operations, stated in dbusiness, “We’re going to continue to invest in the things that have helped us get to where we are today: technology, our franchisees, reimaging our stores and our people.” Investing in people is critical to every company’s success which is why every single new-hire at Domino’s corporate offices undergoes an entire week of training at Pizza Prep School. This educational foundation sends an indirect message to employees that basically says, “You’re so important, we want you to spend your first week learning about everything we do before you do anything else.”

 Domino’s invests heavily in its technology which has yielded an unparalleled competitive advantage. For example, its digitally-enabled natural voice ordering system has been so effective, Domino’s online ordering platform has risen to nearly 60% of annual business. Today, the company is investing in artificial intelligence to “recognize people when they walk in the store and greet them by name,” Doyle told dbusiness Magazine. Greeting a person by name—an application of Dale Carnegie’s 6th principle, is a surefire way to make them feel important.


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