3 Step Process for Client Acquisition and Management

May 29, 2014

Photostock engagedCustomer service is extremely important in Southeast Michigan and across Metro Detroit. It is the basis of every small and large business here in the region. The focus on good products and service can really make the difference in building opportunity, profits and sales. It is important to have that winning friends and influencing people attitude every single day. Steady growth depends on it. Knowing the customer’s wants and needs ensures continued success. Every employee and team meeting must have a customer-focused assessment discussion that supports and solidifies loyalty and opportunity.

Customers who purchase any services and products do so because of the reputation of the company or organization. It is critical that the business understands the client and what is important.

Just as businesses have a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful, they must also understand demographics to better the customer experience.

With the Dale Carnegie Principles in mind, here is a possible three-step process to assess what is important in client acquisition and management:

  • Know the customer: What is the typical customer buying from the business?  What are your most popular products or services? What do they think of your products, service and follow up, both in person and online?
  • Opinions create positive change: Survey  your clients on a regular basis and record and maintain  the feedback. Ask for advice and honest information which are very important for goals and objectives.
  • Communication is vital: Have social media presence to engage clients and potential clients. Be consistent and visible with information and support. Maintain an accurate e-mail list of clients and assign employees to send coupons or specials and receive personal feedback about products and services.

Engage and involve employees and clients in aspects of the business that will help it grow. Remember that without happy clients and customers, the company will soon cease to exist. Pay attention to customers in a positive way is a great practice for opportunity and success.

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