Leverage Relationships to Grow Your Business: CPEs for CPAs!

May 16, 2013

“For some the Dale Carnegie skills will be the difference in becoming an owner or partner in a CPA firm.” – Jeffrey Ellis, CPA

On June 10th, Dale Carnegie Training of Southeast Michigan will be conducting a course specifically for CPA’s entitled “Leverage Relationships to Grow Your Business: A Course for CPAs.”

jeff ellis photoJeff Ellis, local CPA at Edwards, Ellis, Armstrong & Company, P.C., recently discussed his experiences with Dale Carnegie Training and how it relates to the profession, talking about the impact of Dale Carnegie on his own business, as well as how the Dale Carnegie Course can be beneficial to others in the industry.

Edwards, Ellis, Armstrong & Company, P.C. is a Michigan-based CPA firm that has been around for approximately 40 years.  “We’re a diversified practice with offices in Ann Arbor and Troy,” says Jeff, “We consider ourselves a ‘large, local’ CPA firm.”

Mr. Ellis, who is the Director of the Tax Department for both offices, graduated from Michigan State, and received a Masters in Taxation from Walsh College in 1988.

“I took the Dale Carnegie course about 25 years ago, and I felt that it was extremely helpful,” notes Ellis.  “I took the course as a suggestion from my boss, and I went into my first class with the attitude that it was a waste of time.  It didn’t take long to realize that I was wrong, and that the course offers common sense ideas that you just truly do not think about,” he says.

Mr. Ellis concluded that the course set a strong foundation in his CPA business, emphasizing client and co-worker relationship skills. Additionally, Dale Carnegie courses provide CPA’s critical tools to garner confidence from their clients. “One complaint I hear from prospective clients is that they only hear from their CPA when something needs to be filed or prepared.  Dale Carnegie training helps CPAs see the importance of calling their clients on a periodic basis to check in; a skill that doesn’t necessarily come naturally to all CPAs.” Learning to work on interpersonal relationships with clients and co-workers is at the core of the Dale Carnegie philosophy.

Mr. Ellis believes that “Leverage Relationships to Grow Your Business: A Course for CPAs” will be a raging success, and an opportunity that is long overdue to the CPA community. “I’ve been working in this profession for 30 years, and I feel like it’s about 30 years overdue,” he says, “You think to yourself, ‘Wow, if I had done these things for the past 30 years, my personal and professional life could have been so much better!’”

The process of continuing education is fairly standard, but courses like the one being offered by Dale Carnegie Training provide so much more than standard knowledge.  Mr. Ellis notes, “CPAs are required to take continuing education credits to maintain their licenses. Most credits that we earn are because of requirement.  We go to seminars out of necessity, and most CPAs will study and analyze data on their own. Traditional continuing education courses are a great supplement to self study, but as far as developing the people skills to make you a better person, to improve your ability to attract new business, to improve the skills necessary to retain existing business, and improve your relationships with your staff and co-workers – Dale Carnegie Training can help where other seminars fall short.”

For Mr. Ellis, the course made a lasting impression on his business.  “I really think much of my success is attributable to the Dale Carnegie course I took 25 years ago.  It improved my self confidence. I was able to recognize and implement many of the principles, which I believe have helped me grow my practice,” says Jeff.

Overall, “Leverage Relationships to Grow Your Business: A Course for CPAs.”  will  provide those strong relationship skills that are the keys to success in today’s business world.  “Trusting relationships are crucial to retaining good business and attracting new business, and the fact that the course is only offered to CPAs can help address issues that are specific to our industry,” says Ellis.

“I honestly feel that this course can help accelerate the path to ownership and trust for those on track to becoming an owner,” says Mr. Ellis, “For those not on track to becoming an owner, these skills can put you on the path to enhancing your career in ways you never thought possible.”  Employing the principles in Dale Carnegie’s golden book, individuals will learn that enhancing relationships with clients and co-workers and creating a much friendlier work environment are key drivers to the success of any individual or organization.”

Leverage Relationships to Grow Your Business: A Course for CPAs” will be held on June 10th from 8:00am-5:00pm at the Skyline Club in Southfield, Michigan.  According to the Dale Carnegie website, “This training will help leaders in the accounting profession develop strong relationships with their clients. Participants will enhance their listening skills, human relationship skills, questioning skills, and will gain an understanding of how to work with a wide range of personality types.”

For more information and registration, please visit:http://michigan.dalecarnegie.com/events/leverage_relationships_to_grow_your_business_a_course_for_cpas/

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  1. Darlene Vasi on June 9, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    I am interested in attending you seminar on Monday, June 10th. I am assuming, if I show up early I can register at then. Please confirm. Thank you.

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