Customer service done right: ProFlowers

March 30, 2011

With how competitive every single industry is nowadays, customer service is really the best way to set yourself apart from your competition. Recently, I had to reach out to ProFlowers’ customer service with an issue, and my experience should serve as an example for other companies who want to keep people coming back.

I received a voicemail indicating that FedEx was trying to deliver a package to me, but that they were having trouble locating my office. By the time I got around to calling them back, it was around 4 p.m.

Come to find out, the package was actually a bouquet of flowers from ProFlowers. After calling the 1-800 number provided in the voicemail, I explained to the ProFlowers representative what the situation was, and she offered to call FedEx for me to find out whether they could attempt to deliver the flowers again.

But she was thinking the same thing I was: It was likely that the integrity of the flowers had been compromised after being in a FedEx truck for most of the day. I was bummed, because the flowers were a total surprise, and I was curious to see not only what they were, but who had sent them.

I waited patiently while she spoke with FedEx, and when she came back on the line, the news wasn’t good: FedEx could not come back with the flowers until the following day. Bummer, right?

Her next sentence is the kicker: “But we’d be happy to send you a fresh bouquet at no cost, which will arrive on Wednesday.”

Come again? You’re going to replace a product that I never received, even though it wasn’t really your fault I never got it to begin with? And you’re going to do it free of charge? I was amazed.

Sure enough, my beautiful tulips arrived, as promised. Not only was I impressed with the product, but I was astounded by their customer service, and the company’s willingness to ship me a fresh bouquet, no questions asked. It’s a true example of customer service done right, and an example that all businesses — big and small — should follow.

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2 Responses to Customer service done right: ProFlowers

  1. Chelsea Clark on March 30, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Nice Erica! My Grandma hand delivered flowers to my office on my birthday the other week…that was quite a surprise.

  2. Erica Finley on April 1, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    I absolutely love getting flowers! And it’s even better when the company who’s sending them goes out of their way to make sure I get them in good condition. :)

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